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Aryavardhan Agarwal

Aryavardhan is an 11th grader at The Doon School who is currently pursuing the IBDP ​curriculum.​ ​On the academic front, he takes a keen interest in the field of economics, mathematics, and physics and aspires to pursue a career in the same. He has participated in and helped organise various MUNs which have been vital in making him judge and respond to global issues. Being a fierce debater, an eloquent public speaker, and an actor, Aryavardhan has been part of various productions in school and has represented the school in debates and Round Square conferences all over India. He can often be found on the field smashing hockey shots, playing cricket, or rallying at the squash courts. Over the past two years, Aryavardhan has participated in numerous MUNs and has won awards at various national and international conferences. Aryavardhan considers it an honour to serve as the Vice President of DSMUN’23 and hopes for meaningful and engaging dialogue and discourse.

Krtin Goel

Krtin is currently in 11th grade and is pursuing the ISC Curriculum. His interest in MUN emanates from his passion for debating and immense enthusiasm in being able to analyze situations through contrasting perspectives. Being a well-rounded individual, he is also a seasoned public speaker, debater, and actor who has involved himself in several school productions, and has also represented the school in various competitions. He takes a keen interest in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics and aspires to develop a career in the same. Apart from his academic pursuits, Krtin is an integral member of the editorial boards of multiple school publications such as The Echo and The Doon School Weekly. Over the past few years, Krtin has won several awards in both international and national conferences such as TISBMUN, SNAMUN, and many more. Krtin is thrilled to be serving as the Vice President of DSMUN 2023, and looks forward to being able to add value to the incredible legacy that it bears in The Doon School.

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