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Congress of Paris



Crimean War 

The Historical Crisis Committee is a committee that operates very uniquely. Here, delegates travel back in time and represent historical figures, simulating a historical event in real-time. Delegates are allowed to rewrite history from their portfolios’ perspective. Our Committee aims to address the regional instability in Europe during the Crimean War by enacting the Congress of Paris 1856, which was the foremost of the many diplomatic meetings between important players wishing to stop the Crimean War. In real life, the Congress resulted in a pledge to jointly maintain the integrity of the Ottoman Empire, thus guaranteeing its independence. The delegates, however, will be free to implement any possible solutions the committee agrees on, whether it be historically accurate or not. The world is truly at each delegate’s fingertips in this committee whether through private and public directives or through draft resolutions and working papers. As a delegate in the Historical Crisis Committee, your role extends beyond traditional debate in which you actively explore the complexities of the past, navigate diplomatic issues, and craft alternative historical narratives.


Vignesh Dodla

Vignesh is a 12th-grade student pursuing the ISC curriculum. Interested in both politics and science, he is incredibly well-versed in both. He hopes to become a chemical engineer in the future. On the politics side, Vignesh is the editor-in-chief of Circle, the school's publication about history and politics, regularly editing, writing, and researching articles to publish. He is also the school's orchestra leader, playing the piano as a passion, winning last year's inter-house piano solo competition. He enjoys quizzing as a hobby and regularly goes for inter-school competitions. Vignesh has a thirst to acquire new information, often reading up on topics that interest him to try to learn more about them. Besides studying and playing piano, Vignesh also plays basketball, helping him channel his energy into a sport. He served as a deputy chairperson for DSMUN '23 in one of the Historical Crisis committees and is proud to chair this year's Historical Crisis committee.


Committee Director

Yanglem Akash Singh

A student of 12th grade, Yanglem is currently completing his second year in ISC. On the academic front, he has an aptitude for Economics and Psychology and aspires to be a civil servant in the future, the first step to which he took when he represented School as an ambassador to The Hilton College. As the school's Social Service Secretary, he is committed to seeking effective solutions to the countless challenges that the underprivileged continuously face.Having headed a multitude of educational and nutritional drives, he is often pained to observe their dire yet unfulfilled necessities and he is working hard to help reduce the same. Moreover, attending the Round Square International Conference at Oxford has helped him evolve into a very open minded person As an ardent follower of the art of diplomacy, he likes to sting around words to help uncover the facades hiding someone; unexpected questions have the most truthful answers. A Deputy Chairperson for last year's conference, he is overly excited to serve as a Committee Director, meet all delegates and hopefully have a great time together.

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