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Discussing the financial implications of combating climate change, with a special emphasis on the global energy transition

The Conference of Parties(COP) refers to yearly conferences held by the member countries of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) These summits are crucial gatherings in which nations debate, negotiate, and act to combat climate change. The 29th conference, known as COP29, is slated to take place in Baku, Azerbaijan from November 2024. COP29 will prioritise furthering the objectives of the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement, which include limiting global warming, preparing for the effects of climate change, and raising funds for these initiatives. At DSMUN, the financial effects of reducing climate change will be covered at the conference's 17th edition, with an emphasis on the global energy transition in particular. The Executive Board expects that delegates will have thoroughly investigated their portfolios and hopes that all delegates will have a fruitful and intellectually stimulating experience as they strive to propose financial solutions for the energy transition in order to transform concepts into workable plans for a sustainable future.


Kabir Gandhi

Kabir Gandhi is currently a 12th-grade student, pursuing the IBDP curriculum, with a keen focus on economics and international relations. His inclination towards MUN stems from his inquisitive and observant disposition. Within the school community, he holds the positions of the Boy-in-Charge of the Economics Society and the Executive Director of the Young Entrepreneurs’ Conference. His pivotal role in school extends to publications where he serves as the Editor-in-Chief of The Econocrat (School’s premier economics magazine) as well as of The Altruist (School’s premier psychology magazine). When not immersed in academic pursuits, you’ll find him taking freekicks on the sports field or playing hockey in the same. Being an avid debater and potent speaker with experience in both national and international platforms, Kabir has attended many Round Square International Conferences as well as the Oxford MUN 2023 etc. His aim, as a chairperson, is to create an engaging experience for all delegates in the committee, with the most memorable MUN experience. After assuming the position of deputy chairperson in DSMUN 23, he now takes great pride in stepping up as the Chairperson of COP29.


Committee Director

Veer Babaycon

Veer is currently a 12th Grade student pursuing the IBDP curriculum. His interest in MUN arises from his intuitive temperament. On the academic front, Veer is intrigued by Economics and Business Management and hopes to pursue a career in the same. At The Doon School, Veer serves as a Prefect for Kashmir House. Veer also leads the school’s sporting publication ‘Grandslam’ as the Chief of Production. Veer has participated in various social service drives where he has been part of a team that conducted routine checkups on individuals in retirement homes. Veer is an avid sportsman and has represented the school in Cricket, Hockey, Football and Swimming. Veer has participated in various MUN’s including OXMUN’23 and was part of the DSMUN Executive Board in 2023 as a Deputy Chairperson of UNFPA. After assuming the role of Deputy Chairperson, he is proud to serve as the Committee Director of COP29 for DSMUN'24

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