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Groves' Cabinet


The Manhattan Project

Catastrophic. Thermonuclear. The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945 decimated population centres and thrust the global community into the nuclear era. This scientific crisis committee simulation thrusts diplomats into a post-apocalyptic scenario of unparalleled fallout. Delegates find themselves amid cities obliterated to rubble, and radiation sickness escalating exponentially. The urgency is unrelenting. Each moment requires decisive multilateral action to coordinate rescue efforts for victims trapped in irradiated hot zones. Developing innovative humanitarian protocols and counter-radiation strategies is imperative. High-stakes negotiations loom amid mushroom clouds. Resolutions with life-and-death implications. Endurance and composure of diplomats will push them to their limits. This committee evaluates the aftermath of the course altering bombing. Prepare for an immersive crisis simulation plunging into one of history's darkest chapters - demanding deft crisis management, ambassadorial skills, and the ability to maintain order amidst utter chaos. Convene for ground zero.


Arjun Mitra

Arjun is a keen thinker who indulges in active learning in every facet of his life. Currently studying in the 12th grade, he is pursuing the ISC Curriculum and wishes to pursue sciences in the coming future. Being a prefect of Hyderabad House, he has actively demonstrated strength of character while always being at the top of his spirits. He has developed a particular skill of public speaking through his multitude of achievements in English as well as Hindi debates, Round Square conferences, Best Delegate awards in national MUN conferences, and many more. Having a keen interest in writing, he has actively written for and spearheaded premiere publications published in school. His free time finds him either reading books or slamming shots across the squash courts. He is elated to serve as a chairperson in this edition of the Doon School Model United Nations Conference.

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