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International monetary fund

Agenda : Discussing measures to stabilise the prices of

securities in times of rising banking failures in the West.

Established in 1944, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an independent organisation that is accountable to its 190 member nations. It has worked to promote global financial stability and economic growth and provides financial assistance and advice to member countries facing economic difficulties, as well as conducts research and analysis on global economic trends and policies. The  serious increase in banking failures in the West over the past decade and especially in the last few months raise serious concerns on the underlying health of the global economy. These failures have led to a loss of confidence in the securities market, which has had a ripple effect on several under-developed and developing nations, leading them towards economic downturn. The committee will address the role of government interventions in stabilising the securities market during times of financial crises, consider the use of regulations and standards to promote transparency and accountability in the securities market and also review the role of rating agencies in assessing the risks associated with securities. Success in this committee would not mean sticking to conventional norms of the financial world but rather by creating a unique framework that possesses the power to systemically bring down the discrepancies in the current status quo.

My name is Aryaveer Agrawal and I am honoured to have the privilege to be serving as the Chairperson for IMF in DSMUN 23.  I am in Grade 12 and am currently pursuing the ISC Curriculum at The Doon School. I am an avid debater and I love reading and writing around the lines of economics, history, politics and international relations. I serve as the School English Debating Captain and Editor-in-Chief of Circle that publishes content pertaining to history and politics. I also enjoy playing tennis and am very passionate about finance, particularly the capital markets, something that I trade and invest in.

I hope to create an enriching experience for the delegates as you push yourself to think differently to get a way around current financial norms and systems. I look forward to having you here at Chandbagh and interacting with you!

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Committee Director

Abhay Jain

My name is Abhay Jain and I am a finance and business student at the Doon School, where I am currently completing my IB curriculum. As the Committee Director for the United Nations IMF, I am proud to lead a committee that fosters the collaboration of diplomats from around the world to tackle complex socio-economic issues.

I have a strong passion for finance, stock markets, and generative technologies, and I have also been fortunate enough to work on several projects in these fields. In my free time, I enjoy playing chess, in which I have achieved a FIDE rating. I am excited to have the

opportunity to interact with you at DSMUN and foster a productive and engaging debate among all participants for my committee.

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