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The indo-pak commission

Agenda: The response to the demise of Lal Bahadur Shastri and deciding upon the continuation of the Tashkent Accords.

The Indo-Pak Commission has been formed to discuss the continuance of the Tashkent Accords, after the untimely demise of the Indian prime minister, Lal Bahadur Shastri. It comprises 25 representatives spanning 5 countries involved in the signing of the Accords, the USSR, the US, India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. 


As we want to further the two rivals to a sustainable peace, especially after the destructive Indo-Pakistan war in 1965, we will discuss the Tashkent Accords, taking part in discourse that will eventually lead to the making or breaking of ties between the two countries. The commission takes place on the 17th of January, 1966, a mere week after the Tashkent Accords were signed, giving both India and Pakistan leeway to deliberate on the peace treaty, especially after the unfortunate passing of Prime Minister, Lal Bahadur Shastri.

Tensions between India and Pakistan are at an all time high, and it is up to the delegates to diffuse the tense situation. Although the USSR and the USA are still in the height of the cold war, they mutually agree that they need to tackle the tension present. Afghanistan, concerned about its own safety, has also joined the Indo-Pak commission as a response to the recent war, and it’s territorial proximity to it.

This commission also aims to discuss how the Tashkent Accords changes regarding the situation of Lal Bahadur Shastri’s death and whether it shall still be considered as a valid contract or not, with various fingers being pointed due discourse is a requisite for peace at these times.


Sai Arjun

Hi, my name is Sai and I am a 12th-grade student pursuing the ISC curriculum with Political Science, Economics, Business Studies and Art as my subjects. I’m an avid reader and learner and I take a keen interest in law. Currently, I am preparing for the CLAT. I’m also an eager public speaker and debater in both Hindi and English, fond of motions pertaining to global politics and social policy issues. I am also the boy in charge of English public speaking here at the Doon School. 

Outside the classroom, I am passionate about basketball and am always ready to strike up a conversation about the NBA. Especially fond of rap music and hip-hop culture, I love to talk about all time classic movies, especially Tarantino or Scorsese works. I also love to paint, and my artworks are up for display at spots in school too. I also served as the Deputy Chairperson of the International Atomic Energy Agency in DSMUN 2022 and will be the Chairperson of the Indo-Pak Commission in DSMUN 2023.


Committee Director

Pragun Jain

Hello, my name is Pragun, and I am a 12th-grade student following the IBDP curriculum with higher-level topics such as Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. I enjoy mathematics and reading science-related literature, and I am also an avid dancer. I also love helping society and working as a social service volunteer, I recently worked at a school for children with difficulties such as autism and mental retardation.


Outside of the classroom, I like boxing and am a member of the School Boxing Team. I really enjoy football and am always ready to engage in a discussion on any European football league. I enjoy cycling and learning about the different and distinct cultures of other nations. I was the Deputy-Chairperson of the International Atomic Energy Agency in DSMUN 2022, and, I will be the Committee Director of the Indo-Pak Commission in DSMUN 2023.

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