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International Press Corps

The International Press Corps represents the free press on the international front and is a critical component of the United Nations as it acts as a channel of internationalism and accountability among people and nations. In democratic organisations such as the UN, the press is accountable for upholding a high level of transparency. With various debates taking place in parallel, it is the International Press Corps' responsibility to correctly synthesise information, views, and opinions presented

In committees, while standing firm against prejudice, propaganda, and disinformation. The Press Corps representatives will have to function as carriers of hope at a time when the general populace is uncertain of whom to trust for credible information



Armaan Rathi

My name is Armaan and I look forward to chairing the International Press Corps at DSMUN’22. I am from Surat, Gujarat. Alongside academic pursuits, I am interested in politics, history, and literature. On most days, I can be found arguing about politics, watching a movie, or reading. I am also the editor-in-chief of The Doon School Weekly.


The last exceptional movie I watched was Synecdoche, New York and I am currently reading The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco. I’d recommend both! In my free time, I like to cook, watch Barca games and obsess over cinematic trivia. I look forward to interacting with you.

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