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lok sabha

Agenda : Deliberating upon the relevance

of the 42nd Amendment to the Preamble 

of the Indian Constitution.

Over the years, the Lok Sabha committee in Model United Nations has gained a reputation for being a typical MUN committee that stands out for its intense discussions, vicious debates, witty exchanges, and contentious deliberations on various issues pertaining to India. The agenda for this year’s Lok Sabha stands as “Deliberating upon the relevance of the 42nd Amendment to the Preamble of the Indian Constitution” which was enacted in 1976 during the period of Emergency in India. One of the most important changes to this amendment was the addition of three words, "Socialist", "Secular" and "Integrity" to the Preamble of the Constitution, making it the "Preamble of the Socialist, Secular and Democratic Republic of India". The amendment also established Fundamental Duties for citizens, encompassing the obligation to exhibit reverence towards the national flag and anthem, safeguard communal assets, and foster concordance. Moreover, the amendment limited the authority of the judiciary by enacting the provision of "reasonable restrictions" on Fundamental Rights while also increasing the power of the Prime Minister to date.

With that being said, the Executive Board sincerely hopes that the amalgamation of diverse opinions and extensive discourse would lead to better ends.


Vishwa Vijay Singh Rathore

Hi there! I am Vishwa Vijay Singh Rathore and I am currently pursuing the ISC curriculum with Humanities and Mathematics. I have a keen interest in history, and politics, and aim to join the civil services.

Moreover, I am also an active participant in extracurricular activities, such as a member of the school debating team, and the captain of the school's dramatics team. Furthermore, I am also serving as the Editor-in-chief of a school publication and I am also actively involved in social service and leading initiatives, and doing my part for society. In my free time, I enjoy cooking as a hobby.

I am also a school prefect for the year 2023. I have also served as the deputy chair in DSMUN 2022, which has enhanced my leadership and managerial skills. It's an honor to serve as the chairperson of the Loksabha in DSMUN 2023.



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Committee Director

Rishik Chokhany

My name is Rishik Chokhany, a senior year 12th-grade student at The Doon School currently pursuing the IBDP curriculum. Currently, my subjects are Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. My passion to be an engineer often leads me to read and write about the theory of the scientific world. I find means of self-expression while playing table tennis as a sport which is also my hobby. I also love to express myself in all forms possible be it debating, public speaking or writing. For the past 3 years, I have participated in numerous MUNs which also include the prestigious HMUN. Consequently, I am honoured to start a new chapter in this journey by serving as the Committee Director of Lok Sabha in DSMUN 2023. I hope to see Lok Sabha uphold its legacy of quality debate, innovative problem solving and intellectual deliberation.

Rishik Chokhany mugshot.png
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