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Reviewing the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019

From intense discourse to chaos reverberating across speeches, Lok Sabha at DSMUN emerges as a profound forum of discussion and deliberation on a multitude of issues. The agenda for this year’s Lok Sabha is “Reviewing the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019” which was passed on December 11, 2019. It changed the Citizenship Act, of 1955, by providing persecuted religious minorities from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan who arrived in India by 2014 with a faster route to citizenship; the minorities listed were the Jains, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and Parsis. However, Muslims were denied from becoming eligible. The law prevents Muslims from these countries from becoming eligible for this. Religion was taken as a criterion for citizenship. Worldwide, the act gained much speculation but was the act justified? With that being said, the Executive Board sincerely hopes that the amalgamation of diverse opinions and extensive discourse will lead to better ends.


Daksh Raj Arora

Daksh is currently in 12th grade pursuing the IBDP curriculum. In the academic sphere, his interests lie in Economics, Finance and Mathematics and he wishes to pursue a career in the same fields. In The Doon School, he also serves as the School Prefect, Boy-in-Charge of the school’s Junior Hindi Debating Society and Editor-in-Chief of The Yearbook, the school's flagship publication. Furthermore, his interest in publications also sees him serve as the Chief-of-Production of Srijan Prayas and the Senior Editor of The Econocrat. As a result of his keen interest in Economics and Finance, he is serving as a Chairperson in the Young Entrepreneurs' Conference 2024. In the past, he has also been the Editor-in-Chief of the House of Steel, a flagship house publication. On the sports front, Daksh likes playing Cricket, Athletics and Hockey. Moreover, his passion for dance, debating, and sketching provides him with a much-needed escape from the daily routine, allowing him to unwind. Daksh has also won various awards in the sphere of debating and MUN including Kamla Jeevan Debates, Wynberg Allen Debates, SNAMUN and SAIMUN. Having transitioned from his position as the Deputy Chairperson of Lok Sabha in DSMUN'23, he now finds immense pride in serving as the Chairperson of Lok Sabha for this year's DSMUN conference.


Committee Director

Samarveer Bisen

Samarveer is currently a 12th-grade student pursuing the ISC Curriculum. His passion for MUNs emanate from his critical thinking and observant nature and from his deep rooted desire for social justice and equality. To further translate these ideals into tangible action, Samarveer has participated in various MUNs where he has won several accolades reflective of his ethos. He is allured by Politics and Psychology and intends to pursue a career in Corporate Law. At Doon, Samarveer serves as the School Quiz Captain, with him winning at Daly College and at the Lawrence School Sanawar, along with leading the school to many inter and infra successes. He is a prolific and adept writer, with him serving as the Chief-of-Production of the Altruist and the Ecologist. He has particularly become adept in bilingual committees such as Lok Sabha and AIPPM at MUN Conferences, with winning numerous speaker awards at TISBMUN Junior, EHMUN and MCGSMUN. A keen public speaker and a curious scribe, Samarveer is inclined and is often found disseminating politics to shape inclusive narratives in the school community. When it comes to sports, Samarveer is often found in the squash courts, at the hockey field, or in the golfing simulators. After serving as a Deputy Chairperson in DSMUN ’23, he is proud to serve as the Committee Director of Lok Sabha for this year’s conference.

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