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MEDIA and Publication TEAM

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Aadi Jain

Aadi is a 17-year-old pursuing the ISC curriculum    in grade 12 who takes interest in law, history and economics. He plays the guitar and has a passion for jazz and blues . He can also be spotted on the field playing hockey and football. He likes to express himself in a confident and articulate manner as a bilingual debater, an avid writer and editor for various school magazines. Alongside Saatvik Anand, he will be serving as the Head of Publication for DSMUN 2022.

Saatvik Anand

Saatvik Anand is a grade 12 student pursuing the ISC curriculum at The Doon School. Being a Senior Editor on the board of The Doon School Weekly along with being the Chief of Production of his houses publication, he holds a great interest in publications and is more than eager to be serving as the Editor in Chief of the DSMUN newsletter. Along with being passionate about Art and Industrial design, he holds a great interest in Football and Squash.

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Rageshree Dasgupta

Rageshree Dasgupta is a Master of English at The Doon School, Dehradun. Apart from teaching English she is also the Assisstant Housemaster of Oberoi House and the Master in Charge of The Doon School Model United Nations which provides her an opportunity to
work with young minds, engage and also learn from them. She has been a part of the change making process in education for some time now and has been associated with various think tanks working to design policies and provide quality school education to young children.
Rageshree’s profession is to teach English but her passion has driven her as a social entrepreneur and educator in the past fifteen years, to work in the areas of youth mobilization, strategic planning and community development, human rights and project planning, incubation and management. She has also worked closely with many organizations
in the field of alternative education and research, skill and curriculum development and content writing. Her interests include travelling, cooking and music.

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Anup Gupta

Anup Gupta is a Master of Mathematics at The Doon School, Dehradun and he is the Asst Master in Charge of The Doon School Model United Nations, 2022, which provides him with the opportunity to broaden his perspectives and add to his teaching expereince. He has participated in various MUN’s whilst part of other institutions.

He has been enjoying the teaching-learning process for more than 14 years now and is always eager to learn new things. Apart from teaching Mathematics, He enjoys sketching, painting, theatre, cooking and travelling.

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