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The Doon School

Established in 1935, The Doon School stands as a beacon of educational eminence in India. This institution has earned a formidable reputation for nourishing young minds and promoting holistic development. Its prosperous history, distinguished alumni, and commitment to academic rigour make it an esteemed institution in the country. With a stretched-out campus boasting state-of-the-art facilities and a vibrant student community, The Doon School upholds a tradition of excellence and innovation. As a nursery of leadership and intellectual curiosity, it continues to mould generations' futures, showing its enduring impact on Indian education. Spread across 72 acres, one is also likely to find scenic views from anywhere around the campus, having been situated at the heart of Dehradun amid the Shivaliks. Doon has continuously been regarded as India’s best all-boys residential school. The School is unique in that it comprises students from across India, covering each state. The School also offers a plethora of activities, including high-quality debating, and MUN facilities, which led to the foundation of the DSMUN back in 2007. Apart from that, the school also excels in sports, offering sixteen different sports including Water Polo and Equestrian, in which students subsequently take part in national and international events, having won the IPSC in Athletics, and the Afzal Khan Memorial Basketball Tournament. On the academic front, the school also offers a multitude of curriculums, which fundamentally challenge the students, and allow them to explore themselves and their strengths.

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