The Secratariat


A curious mind, Maharshi has always grappled with some of the basic tenets of human interaction and collaboration. This has guided his commitment to building lasting relationships and bonds with a global community of students through various platforms like MUN, Round Square, TEDEd and social activities. He delivered a TEDx talk at the age of 11, making him the youngest to do so in the UAE. Outside the classroom, he leads his school as a School Prefect amongst various other positions. Maharshi is keen to pursue an education in Design and Mechanical Engineering and is constantly drawn to creative work, dabbling in poetry and Hip-Hop music production. Born in Greece, growing up in UAE, and now studying in India, his multi-cultural upbringing has shaped his world view and artistic lens. He can often be found on the fields of Chandhbagh playing Football, Hockey or Cricket. Maharshi has won numerous awards at multiple International MUNs, held the position of Vice President last year and is proud to serve as this year's Secretary General.

Secretary General

Maharshi Roy

Krishang is a 17 year old currently pursuing the ISC curriculum with an interest in Physics, Math and Computer Science. He aspires to pursue a course in the field of Physics in college. He is an avid hockey player and has represented the school in the same. He is beyond excited to serve as the President for DSMUN’22 and is keen to work alongside a talented secretariat to show delegates and observers the best of what the DSMUN team can offer. 


Krishang Arora

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Deputy Secretary General 

Shaurya Goenka

Shaurya is a grade 12 student currently pursuing the ISC curriculum with an inclination toward Commerce and Economics. He represents his school and state in shooting and has a keen interest in entrepreneurial conferences. One might also spot him swimming or playing hockey around Chandbagh. He wishes to further his knowledge in business management and finance in the near future. Shaurya has been part of the DSMUN secretariat since 9th grade and is proud to serve as the Deputy Secretary-General for this year’s conference.

Director General

Tejveer Dhingra

Tejveer is a 12th-grade student interested in the fields of renewable energy and transportation. He is currently pursuing the IBDP curriculum with Physics, Mathematics, and Economics at Higher level and wishes to pursue an integrative course combining robotics, economics and engineering in the future. Tejveer leads the school as the basketball captain and represents his school in football, basketball, and cricket. After bearing numerous positions in the secretariat, he is the Director-General for this year’s conference. 

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Executive Director 

Gurmehar Bedi

Gurmehar Bedi is a grade 12 student who aspires to study law after school. His keen interest in politics, economics and foreign relations makes him an indispensable member of the MUN, debating and quiz societies at Doon. Having been selected for the Indian debating team trials on three occasions, he is currently serving as the School Debating Captain. His leadership role also extends to his house as he is the House Captain of Kashmir house. He attempts to express his views on a plethora of topics such as the sedition laws and extrajudicial justice through his frequent contributions to many of the school’s (in)famous magazines. After assuming the role of a Vice President in DSMUN ’21, he is the Executive Director of this year’s conference. 


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Riddhim Agarwal

Riddhim is currently a 11th-grade student pursuing the IBDP curriculum. His interest in MUN stems from his inquisitive and observant disposition. On the academic front, Riddhim is intrigued by financial institutions and markets. He hopes to pursue a career in the same. Being a dynamic debater and an eloquent public speaker, Riddhim has represented the school at various national and international platforms such as IPSC Debates, Round Square International Conferences etc. Deeply concerned about the increasing socio-economic divide, he has spearheaded several student-led service initiatives across various countries, namely India, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. One would usually find him either dribbling a football on the sports field or having a bout in the boxing ring. Riddhim has won numerous awards at various MUN conferences such as Harvard MUN, CMUN etc. He is proud to serve as the Vice president of this year’s DSMUN conference. 

Aaditya Agarwal

Aaditya is a 11th grader at The Doon School who has pursued the ISC ​curriculum.​ ​His keen ​interest ​lies in subjects of business, economics and computer science.​He was first introduced to Model UN in the fall of 2020 and since then he has developed a never-ending proclivity for the activity. ​​Apart from his academic pursuits​, he is a prominent member of the Business Club and has represented the school in business conferences like Young Entrepreneurs Conference (YEC). Being an avid debater, Public speaker and actor, Aaditya has been part of various productions in school and has represented the school in competitions like IPSC debates. He can often be found smashing shuttles in the badminton court or casually taking shots on the basketball court​. Over the past 2 years, Aaditya has participated in numerous MUNs and has won the best delegate award in both international and national conferences like Harvard MUN Dubai and TISBMUN. Aaditya considers it an honour to serve as the Vice President of DSMUN 2022.