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United nations population fund

Discussing the drastic increase in sexual violence with special emphasis on

making health provisions for pregnant victims.

The United Nations Population Fund was founded with the function of raising awareness and mobilising resources in partnership with governments around the world to promote the reproductive rights and health of women and children. At the onset of the 21st century, the UNFPA conducted two major campaigns, one of which was the highly successful campaign to prevent and treat obstetric fistulas in more than 50 countries, and the other was the active provision of medical supplies and other support to survivors of female genital mutilation. 

In the last two decades, while some countries have seen a decline in sexual violence, many have projected a steep increase. Following this MUN’s agenda, we aim to promote stringent policies against sexual violence against women. Along with this, we aim to bring countries with differing views on the treatment of pregnant survivors of sexual violence to a common consensus to empower the establishment and promote robust health provisions and support systems for the victims. 


The Executive Board would like to extend their best wishes to you, and hopes you have an excellent time full of heated discussion, intellectual rigor and intense argumentation to help tackle the issue of sexual violence.


Hridayam Tusnial

Hi, I am Hridayam Tusnial, a Grade 12 student pursuing the IBDP curriculum. I have a special interest in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics which has led me to pursue scientific research and innovation through activities inside and outside my school. 

I am the Editor in Chief of the school's science publication, "The Echo," which publishes developments and innovations in the field of STEM. 

I have also acquired an avid interest in geopolitics after my experience in various MUNs. I am also a keen Table Tennis player, playing at the school, state, and national levels, and have always attributed enhanced concentration and focus to the sport. 


I am honoured to be the chairperson of UNFPA in DSMUN ‘23 and am looking forward to exciting committee sessions complete with riveting debates, collaboration, and out-of-the box thinking. 

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Committee Director 

Anshul Khakhar

Greetings delegates,


I am in the 12th grade, pursuing the IB curriculum with an inclination towards English and Mathematics and a concerning lack of clarity as to which of the two I aim to study further. I enjoy spending my free time at Chand Bagh playing badminton, reading young adult fiction and listening fanatically to Eminem. Although I’m most frequently found unsuccessfully trying to crack a hockey ball on our ‘lower skinners’.

Being the committee director of UNFPA this year, I’m anticipating a thrilling committee filled with spirited conversations, subtle politics and precise arguments that I hope will culminate into creative and revolutionary policies.

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