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 United Nations Security council

Agenda: Addressing the issue of maritime security and related territorial disputes.

The United Nations Security Council is a crucial organ of the United Nations that holds significant power globally. It is responsible for maintaining international peace and security and has the authority to decide on measures such as sanctions and military intervention. In this offline installation of DSMUN, the Security Council will address the complex issue of maritime security and territorial disputes that arise across the globe. From disputes in the South China Sea to the melting of the Arctic, the world faces numerous crises driven by territorial conflicts. Delegates will need to propose innovative and region-specific solutions to address the instability of regions affected by territorial disputes regarding maritime security. The Executive Board hopes that delegates will have a productive and intellectually challenging experience while working towards creating possible solutions to these pressing and complex issues.


Siddhant Srivastava 

My name is Siddhant Srivastava, and I am a 12th-grade IBDP student at the Doon School. Due to my interest in the arts, I plan to pursue a career in design after school. I currently serve as the School Art Secretary and consider myself an avid debater and writer. Additionally, I am the Editor-in-Chief of the School's art magazine, VIBGYOR. In my free time, I enjoy reading about international relations and economics, and I actively participate in Model United Nations conferences. I am excited to serve as the Chairperson for the United Nations Security Council and look forward to a successful committee here at Chandbagh.

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