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United Nations Security council

Agenda-: The ISIS-Taliban Conflict 

The United Nations Security Council is one of the most powerful organs of the United Nations and one of the most influential decision-making organizations globally. This year we will be discussing one of the most complex and dynamic challenges to regional security in the Middle East - The Islamic State vs Taliban conflict. This issue traces its roots to the assassination of Abdul- Ghani a prominent Taliban commander, by the Islamic State, and threatens the peace and stability of the entire region as the escalating turf war has consumed many lives already. We will be diving deeper into the intricacies of the conflict's humanitarian impact, the fundamental differences that led to the conflict and try to ensure that this does not spiral into further chaos . The Executive Board would like to wish you a fruitful time full with intellectual rigor,intense heated debates and tough negotiations to determine the fate of an unstable Middle East.


Gurmehar Singh Bedi

My name is Gurmehar Bedi, I am a grade 12 student who aspires to study law after school. My keen interest in politics, economics and foreign relations has made me an indispensable member of the MUN, debating and quiz societies at Doon. Having been selected for the Indian debating team trials on three occasions, I am currently serving as the School Debating Captain. I often attempt to express my views on a plethora of topics such as the sedition laws and extrajudicial justice through contributions to many of the school’s (in)famous magazines. After assuming the role of Vice President in DSMUN ’21, I am proud to be serving as the Executive Director of DSMUN and the Chairperson of UNSC for this year’s conference. 

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