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United Nations Office of counter-terrorism


Terrorism in Africa with special emphasis on the Al -Shabaab insurgency

Established as a key reform by the United Nations, the Office of Counter-Terrorism strengthens the UN's ability to work towards its goal of abolishing global terrorist activity. UNOCT improves visibility, advocacy and resource mobilisation to the same end. At DSMUN this year, we will deliberate on the causes of the Al-Shabaab insurgency and find solutions to achieve stability and peace in Africa. From attacking foreign military forces to executing ambushes and assaults, Al-Shabaab carries out mass-casualty operations in several nations and hence delegates need to propose resolutions that work towards dismantling the very grounds of the organisation. It is essential to delve into the social, economic and political injustice that leads to the creation of such extremist organisations, to prevent future generations from falling prey to the same. The Executive Board recognizes the difficulties faced by the people of Africa and calls upon delegates to rise to the challenge and establish a comprehensive yet sustainable framework that fosters lasting progress and enables a more peaceful future for the continent.


Kabir Takhtar

Now in his final year at Chandbagh, Kabir has undertaken ambitious projects, showcasing his leadership across multiple domains of school life and beyond. Academically, he explores subjects aligned with his interests in the automotive industry and literature, while demonstrating proficiency in French. He leads various school activities, serving as the President of the Round Square Council, heading Motor Mechanics, and contributing to the editorial board of DSTech, the school’s technology publication. Kabir regularly serves the school community by leading the Audio Visual operations for all events, and has also represented the school at national and international levels, previously having been both, a delegate and Executive Board member for MUN conferences. Outside, he is the school’s Swimming Captain and serves as the flag bearer for physical training initiatives for his house. With his creativity and determination, Kabir is looking forward to making UNOCT at this year’s conference an enriching experience for all.

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