The Doon School

Model United Nations


Letter from the secretary general

Dear Delegates and Faculty Advisors,

It is with great pleasure and privilege that I invite you to the 14th edition of The Doon School
Model United Nations to be held from the 29th to the 31st of July. Founded in 2007, The
Doon School Model United Nations Conference is one of the largest student-run MUN in India,
attracting students from across the nation and beyond. Over the years, delegates have
engaged in intense discussions on world affairs and have drafted comprehensive resolutions
to address various pressing issues. In addition to fierce debates and the opportunity to voice
your opinion, DSMUN enables students to forge lasting bonds with fellow delegates.
For over a decade, we have endeavored to cultivate a diverse set of minds and produce
empathetic and creative citizens of society. This year, to achieve this goal, the conference has
adapted to the global circumstances and has shifted to a virtual setting. Through seven
dynamic committees, we are devoted to overcoming the obstacles posed by the pandemic and
providing delegates with a platform to nurture their research, communication, and public
speaking skills. The committees will be centered around relevant and diverse issues including
human rights, security, sustainability etc. allowing delegates to draft and pass constructive
resolutions on the same.

Today, we see the ripple effects of even the slightest of our actions. We live in a world
governed by black swan events and chaos, where we are becoming increasingly oblivious to
the consequences of our actions. Progression and growth have now become a mandatory
requirement on a checkbox, but we fail to read the terms and conditions written in the fine
print below. Pertinent and threatening issues such as climate change and ethnic cleansing are
perceived as just another social media trend for us to follow. However, this conference aims
to change that. Through DSMUN we aim to create responsible leaders who believe in
empathy and resilience as the way forward. I hope this conference does not just engage you
but also stimulates you to take action and bring the change that we so desperately need.
On that note, I look forward to engaging with you in debates and discussions very soon, and I
wish everyone the best of health until then.

Warm Regards,
Varyam Gupta
Secretary General

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Letter from the president

Dear Delegates and Faculty Advisors,

It is a great honour to invite you to The Doon School Model United Nations 2021 to be held
from the 29th to 31st of July this year. Over the past years, DSMUN has grown
tremendously and earned a reputation as one of the largest MUN conferences in India
organised completely by students. The conference has seen the combination of intense
debates and expert diplomacy come up with revolutionary resolutions over the years.
Every year as the DSMUN weekend inches closer and the flags go up the Main Building, the
banners are placed in the halls, and the grounds are spruced up for your welcome, the buzz
is almost tangible as the School students gear up to prepare for the conference.
Unfortunately, as much as we were looking forward to inviting you to the beautiful bounds of
Chandbagh, the current situation does not permit us to do that. Overcoming this hurdle,
DSMUN will be unveiling itself in its first ever Online Edition of the conference this year!
While an Online conference lacks the true essence of DSMUN, we will ensure full
cooperation, hospitality, and warmth that the DSMUN Secretariat is known for. Spanning
over 3 days, 6 committee sessions and various interaction opportunities, we hope to bring
you a seamless and a great learning experience.

The world is perpetually moulded by the decisions that leaders take everyday. As the
popular saying goes, “Change is the only constant”. DSMUN has been a breeding ground for
future leaders and we feel it is essential for leaders to be able to adapt to constantly evolving
situations. To this effect, the theme for DSMUN this year is “The World in Motion”,
highlighting the power that the leaders of tomorrow hold in their hands.
I look forward to seeing all of you and host a successful event this year!

Warm Regards,
Arya Vardhan Gupta



29th July-31st July

All timings in IST

DAY 1 - 29th July
3-3:30 PM: Opening Ceremony
3:30-5:30 PM: Committee Session 1
6-7:45 PM: Committee Session 2

DAY 2 - 30th July
3-5 PM: Committee Session 3
5:30-7 PM: Committee Session 4

DAY 3 - 31st July
3-5 PM: Committee Session 5
5:30-6:30 PM: Committee Session 6
7-8 PM: Closing Ceremony