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Aryavardhan is a 12th grader at The Doon School who is currently pursuing the IBDP curriculum. He takes a keen interest in the field of Economics and International Relations and aspires to pursue a career in the same. He has participated in and helped organise various MUN conferences which have been vital in making him analyse and respond to global issues. Aryavardhan holds several flagship positions in School, being the School Hindi Debating Captain and serving as a prefect for Oberoi House. Being a fierce debater, an eloquent public speaker, and an actor, Aryavardhan has been part of various productions in School and has represented the school in debates and Round Square conferences all over India. He can often be found on the field practising Hockey shots, playing Cricket, or rallying at the Squash courts. Over the past three years, Aryavardhan has participated in numerous MUNs and won awards at various national and international conferences. Aryavardhan feels honoured to serve as the Secretary-General of this year’s conference and looks forward to a meaningful and engaging dialogue.


Aryavardhan Agarwal


Divyaansh Surana

Divyaansh is a 17-year-old currently pursuing the IBDP curriculum. His fascination with MUNs arises from his curious and perceptive nature, and being an efficient co-worker. On the academic front, he is intrigued by Computer Science and Physics and determined to pursue a career in the same. In Chandbagh, his role in school publications sees him serve as the Editor-in-Chief of The Srijan Prayas, one of the esteemed vernacular magazines in Hindi. A multifaceted individual, Divyaansh excels as a persuasive public speaker, actor, and soulful singer, with proactive involvement in school drama and music productions. He has also represented the school at various national and international platforms such as inter-school MUNs, debates, Round Square Conferences, etc. Being a certified Lifeguard by the RLSS, he is passionate about Swimming. Divyaansh has won coveted awards at various MUN conferences such as MISMUN, SNAMUN, and EHMUN. After being an integral part of the Secretariat for over three years, he is beyond excited to serve as the President for DSMUN‘24 and is keen to work with a talented Secretariat to show delegates and observers the best of what DSMUN can offer.

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Krtin is currently in 12th grade and is pursuing the ISC Curriculum. His interest in MUNs emanates from his passion for debating and deep-rooted enthusiasm for being able to analyse situations through contrasting perspectives. Being a well-rounded individual, he is also a seasoned public speaker, debater, and actor who has been involved in several school productions, and represented the school in various inter-school competitions. His academic interests gravitate towards the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer Science, fueling his aspirations to develop a career in the same. Apart from his academic pursuits, Krtin serves as a School Prefect, the Editor-in-Chief of the Infinity, the School’s premier mathematics publication, and the Boy-In-Charge of the Film Society. Over the past few years, Krtin has won several awards at both international and national conferences. Krtin is thrilled to be serving as the Executive Director of DSMUN'24 and looks forward to being able to contribute to the incredible legacy that it bears in The Doon School.

Executive Director

Krtin Goel

Rohan, a 12th-grade student in the IBDP program, exudes a fervent passion for Mathematics, Physics, and History, aspiring to pursue a career in mechanical engineering. Within the school, he holds a multitude of leadership roles. While he is the House Captain of Oberoi House, on the sports field he can also be found leading the team as the School Cricket Captain. Additionally, serving as the School Games Committee Secretary, Rohan's involvement in various sports extends beyond Cricket; he likes to spend his time on the Hockey field and the Swimming pool. While his other sporting interests include Football and Chess, he also serves as the Senior Editor of 'The Yearbook’, the school's premier annual publication. A firm believer in global awareness and diplomatic prowess, Rohan is eagerly looking forward to using his organisational skills and experience to serve the conference as the Deputy Secretary-General.

Deputy Secretary-General

Rohan Rasik Jalan

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Director General of Hospitality

Umaid Singh Dhillon

Umaid is a Grade 12 student pursuing the ISC curriculum. On the academic front, his interests include Psychology and Economics and he aspires to pursue Finance in the future. Quite the all-rounder, he is a force to be reckoned with on the field, excelling in a diverse range of sports. He can usually be spotted on the Basketball courts, the Hockey field, the Football pitch, or the Swimming pool. His passion for Basketball is displayed through his contributions to the School Team, proving himself as a star player on various occasions. He also acts as the Swimming captain of his house. Umaid’s leadership roles extend to him serving as a prefect of Kashmir House, acting as a role model for his peers and juniors alike. Umaid has participated in various MUN conferences over the years, including the Oxford MUN conference. His focused character and enthusiastic nature make him a well-respected individual in the field of MUNs. He is filled with immense pride to serve as the Director General of Hospitality of the conference for the year 2024.

Jaisal, a 12th-grade student enrolled in the ISC curriculum, exhibits a natural inclination towards inquiry and observation, which has led him to develop a keen interest in MUNs. However, his academic passions lie in the realm of human behaviour and Psychology, driving his aspirations toward a future career in the same. At Chandbagh, Jaisal assumes multiple leadership roles, serving as the Prefect of Jaipur House and the Captain of the school Basketball team. Furthermore, Jaisal's involvement in school publications as a Senior Editor of The Yearbook underscores his proficiency in communication. Beyond his academic and extracurricular commitments, he is also a great swimmer and Basketball player. Representing School in various state and national competitions such as IPSC, the Dehradun Districts, and the Uttarakhand State has displayed his athleticism and competitive spirit. Overall, Jaisal emerges as a well-rounded individual; his multifaceted involvement in academics, extracurricular activities, and sports positions make him a commendable asset to the Secretariat for DSMUN’24.

Director General of Operations

Jaisal Sahgal

unnamed (1).jpg

Vir is currently a 12th-grade student pursuing the IBDP curriculum. He is passionate about Economics, Mathematics, and Psychology which also serve as his career trajectory. His leadership skills see him as a School Prefect for Jaipur House. Vir’s leadership positions extend beyond his House, as he is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Doon School Yearbook, the annual flagship publication of the school. He is an avid percussionist and is a National Scholarship Awardee in Tabla by the Cultural Ministry of India. His inimitable attitude and knowledge about global affairs and cultures is also why he serves as the School Round Square Secretary. When it comes to sports, Vir shows proficiency in Swimming and is the Swimming Captain of his house. He has also been playing Golf from a young age and has a vested interest in Hockey. Through a multitude of Round Square and MUN conferences, Vir has developed a love for meeting and interacting with people, always ready to share ideas and provide feedback, all while learning from others’ experiences and listening to their opinions on different topics. Vir is immensely proud and excited to be serving as the Director General of Production for this year's DSMUN.

Director General of Production

Vir Marwah

Arjun Prakash is a 12th Grader pursuing the IBDP curriculum. His academic interests lie in the realms of Economics and Sports Science, with a potential career in the financial sector of the sports industry. Being an avid writer and spokesperson, Arjun is the editor of The Doon School Weekly and runs his online podcast revolving around Football called ‘Beyond The Crossbar’. Apart from his academic pursuits, Arjun can be seen either spending his time on the football field, playing the drums, or preparing for an acting gig. A leader in its truest sense, he currently serves as the School Captain, School Football Captain, School Cross Country Captain, and Senior P.T. Leader of the Doon School. His diplomatic expertise has earned him accolades in various MUN conferences and was most recently awarded the best delegate award at the prestigious Oxford MUN 2023. With renewed enthusiasm, Arjun hopes to make this year’s conference a successful one and is proud to serve as the chief of production for DSMUN’24.


Arjun Prakash




Rageshree Dasgupta is a Master of English at The Doon School, Dehradun. Apart from teaching English, she is also the Assistant Housemaster of Oberoi House and the Master in Charge of The Doon School Model United Nations which provides her with an opportunity to work with young minds, engage and learn from them. She has been a part of the change-making process in education for some time now and has been associated with various think tanks working to design policies and provide quality school education to young children. Rageshree’s profession is to teach English but her passion has driven her as a social entrepreneur and educator in the past fifteen years, to work in the areas of youth mobilization, strategic planning and community development, human rights and project planning, incubation and management. She has also worked closely with many organisations in the field of alternative education and research, skill and curriculum development and content writing. Her interests include travelling, cooking and music.

Ms. Rageshree Dasgupta

Mr. Mohit Ghai

Mohit Ghai is a Master of the German Language at The Doon School. Mohit’s profession does not limit him to teaching concepts he enjoys, as he has also been a teacher of communication skills. His accolades as a Gold Medalist in German and his aim of simplifying difficult concepts for students have seen him become a unique educator at Doon. His role in School extends far beyond the classroom, being a tutor of Kashmir House as someone who enjoys having meaningful conversations with students, and the Master-in-Charge of The Doon School Model United Nations Conference. Learning from the new generation of leaders and drivers of change, DSMUN has offered him solace in his experiences as a coordinator of the largest student-led MUN. Mohit’s engrossment in MUNs stems from his inherent ability to inquire and his strong belief in diplomatically resolving problems and striving for solutions. One could often spot him listening to music, reading literary works or mentoring students on campus. He is honoured to serve as the Master-in-Charge of DSMUN’24 and hopes for an engaging and stimulating discussion!

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