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Disarmament and International Security Committee


Addressing the utilisation of chemical weaponry with emphasis on the ongoing Syrian Civil War

As the first committee of the United Nations General Assembly, the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) plays a crucial role in upholding international security and regulating disarmament and weaponry. The widespread and unethical use of chemical weaponry has caused horrific suffering in the 20th century, with some of its effects still felt today. Their usage is fundamentally inhumane, and hence all use of chemical and biological weaponry is prohibited by international law. However, despite these measures, the production and usage of such weapons have yet to be eradicated. Therefore, this iteration of DISEC at DSMUN ‘24 will address the continued use of chemical weapons, particularly in the context of the Syrian Civil War. Delegates will be tasked with proposing solutions to prevent their use and ensure accountability for those responsible, while helping uphold previous conventions and treaties that encompass both the distribution and manufacturing of such weaponry. The Executive Board of DISEC anticipates three days of intellectually stimulating but equally challenging experience for delegates as they engage in collaborative efforts to address this pressing issue.


Sriyash Tantia

Sriyash is currently a 12th-grade student pursuing the IBDP curriculum. Academically, Sriyash is captivated by physics and math, aspiring to pursue a career in the same. Additionally, being an avid writer, he holds key positions in school publications, such as serving as the Editor-in-Chief of The Yuv Arpan and the Chief-of-Production of The Doon School Information Review. With a longstanding involvement in the MUN circuit since his early years, Sriyash has participated as a delegate and held various executive roles in prestigious conferences, including serving as an assistant director at Harvard MUN India 2023. One can often find him on the basketball courts shooting three-pointers or tirelessly exploring new artists and music in his free time. Sriyash has garnered numerous accolades at various conferences, including the Best Delegate award at DSMUN’22 and MISMUN’22. Being the recipient of the ‘Best Committee’ award in DSMUN'23, he is proud to serve as the Chairperson of DISEC this year.

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