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Disarmament and International Security Committee

Agenda: Illicit trade of small arms and light weaponry with special emphasis on Latin America.

DISEC (Disarmament and International Security Committee) is one of the 6 committees that make up the United Nations General Assembly. The committee deals with various problems and works mainly on the goals of disarmament and reducing the number of weapons in the world. Furthermore, this is where the age-old arms debate takes place. How many weapons is enough for someone to defend themselves? The committee is also known to delve into more local threats, tackling whatever is required working towards the goal of international peace. In our model of the DISEC , we wish to tackle the growing concern over the illicit trade and distribution of light weaponry with special emphasis on Latin America.We would encourage the delegates to think of creative and innovative solutions as till now we the peoples of the world have not been able to disarm. The committee will delve into diplomatic agendas that pertain to weapons and areas of militant concern, and aims to increase international security and promote Disarmament on a global level. The committee is scarcely limited in its jurisdiction and works towards making the world a safer place.


Veraj Goel 

My name is Veraj and I'm a 12th grader at The Doon School from New Delhi India, pursuing engineering with additional interest in foreign languages. I was introduced to MUN at Yale in 2020 and since then I’ve participated in numerous conferences and have also competed on Doons competitive travel team. Aside from Model UN, I am extremely passionate about international cooperation in catalysing the change to sustainable energy and in my free time I love travelling, spending time with my friends and exploring new music. I also enjoy playing chess and hockey.


Committee Director

Tamish Agarwal

My name is Tamish Agarwal and I  am a 12th-grade student pursuing the IBDP curriculum with Mathematics, economics, business management, and Hindi as my higher-level subjects. I have a keen interest in the field of economics and business. This year I am also the head of the business club at Doon. Outside the classroom. I am a passionate sportsman and dancer. Cricket and badminton are two sports in which I excel.  In fact, I am the School Cricket Captain of Doon. My favourite dance form is hip hop. In my spare time, I usually find myself sleeping, discussing cricket with my batchmates or juniors, or listening to music. Previously, I served as a Deputy Chairperson of the United Nations Environmental Programme in DSMUN 2021. I feel really proud to serve as the committee director of Disarmament and International Security this year.

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