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United Nations Economic and Social Council

 Agenda: Creating credit solutions for the developing world 

As a principal organ of the United Nations, ECOSOC coordinates the activities of 14

specialised agencies, 13 regional and functional commissions, and over 3,900 civil society

actors by commissioning studies and reports, monitoring the implementation of activities and

initiatives, and encouraging cooperation and coherence among policy actions. In addition,

ECOSOC coordinates funding mechanisms and takes the lead role in formulating policy

goals and frameworks for short and long-term programs. This year, the ECOSOC will

convene with the agenda of achieving sustainable solutions for the creation of Credit in

developing economies. To accurately simulate the committee, it will be necessary for the

delegates to focus on ECOSOC’s coordination and policy guidance role, as opposed to the

activities carried out by ECOSOC’s subsidiary bodies.

My name is Ruhaan and I am a 12th-grade student pursuing the ISC curriculum with Physics, Maths, Chemistry, and Economics as his majors. I am a science enthusiast and interested in the fields of sustainable development and renewable energy. I am also the President of the school's Science Society. I also take keen interest in entrepreneurship, finance, and economics and wish to pursue an interdisciplinary course combining management, economics, and engineering in the future. For me, MUNs are an avenue that allow me to apply my knowledge in real-life situations. Being a sport enthusiast I enjoy playing Cricket and Basketball.

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Committee Director

Aditya Gupta

An author, investor, and blogger, I savour the simple pleasures of life- art, music, and literature. I recently penned the book “Minting Millionaires- The Time Tested Path to Prosperity” based on interviews with luminaries of the financial industry such as Saurabh Mukherjea and Raamdeo Agarwal. The book is available on Amazon and other leading e-commerce sites for those interested. Moreover, I founded and have been running my media platform Finocomy since early-2019. Finocomy currently houses a blog, podcast, investing info-hub, and magazine, which launched to more than 300 views. In school, I am the Editor-in-Chief of The Econocrat, the school economics publication, and the President of the Doon Stock Exchange. In my free time, I also enjoy doing digital art through poster designing and the likes, which I publish on my art site Archritic.

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