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2028 Los Angeles Olympics

From the rather controversial and hostile 1936 Berlin Olympics to the Munich Massacre at the Munich Olympics 1972, the sporting community has been through a lot. At the International Olympic Committee, we believe that society must not be plagued with such problems. However, today, history has repeated itself and the sporting world has been disrupted. Countries have lost faith in the International Olympic Committee and are threatening to withdraw participation at the Olympics permanently. The lines between politics and sports have blurred and delegates are expected to eradicate this political battle once and for all. There are differing perspectives; Iran was allowed to participate in the 2022 FIFA World Cup but Russian F1 Drivers were unequivocally banned from the sport and here we stand at the cusp of such a paradigm-shifting decision. Although this is the first time this committee is taking place in DSMUN, we hope delegates, with the innate ability to debate and their knack for sports, will make this committee an unparalleled version of itself.


Udathveer Pasricha

Udathveer Singh Pasricha is a student of grade 12 pursuing the ISC curriculum. Interested in sports, economics and psychology, his unique blend of subjects complements his distinct nature. A masterful writer, Udathveer serves as the Editor-in-Chief of The Grandslam, the school's flagship sports publication. A distinguished leader, Udathveer serves as the House Captain of Kashmir House. A passionate sportsman, Udathveer has built himself a formidable reputation as the School Athletics Captain and the star scorer of the School Football Team. One of his biggest feats is earning 19th rank All India in 200m in Athletics Nationals. Udathveer's discipline and work ethic set him apart from all others, allowing him to lead on and off the field as a great mentor to his Juniors. As a result, he is the perfect candidate to chair the IOC. After assuming the role of a Deputy-Chairperson at DSMUN'23, he is truly honoured to serve as a Chairperson for DSMUN'24.


Committee Director

Shaurya Luthra

Shaurya Luthra, a dedicated student following sciences in the ISC curriculum, finds his passion in exploring the intricate dynamics of Model United Nations. His fervour for MUN stems from a profound interest in global affairs and diplomacy, which he actively cultivates

through research and discourse. Beyond the realm of diplomacy, Shaurya is an integral part of his school's tennis team, showcasing his skills on both state and national platforms. With a strong belief in giving back to society, he passionately engages in various social service initiatives, striving to make a positive impact in his community. Shaurya's MUN journey includes notable participation in prestigious conferences on national and international level, alongside serving as the deputy chairperson in DSMUN 2023. Additionally, his fascination with technology led him to assume the role of Editor-in-Chief for DsTech magazine, where he delves into the latest innovations and trends.

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