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International Press Corps

The International Press Corps (IPC) is a staple committee in any Model United Nations (MUN) conference, and for good reason. More than merely representing the media, the IPC embodies the external forces that truly dictate real-world events. Delegates within the IPC go beyond simply keeping us informed; they have the power to shape our perception of committee proceedings through their articles, interviews, and press conferences with delegates. In the idealistic realm of MUN, the IPC serves as a necessary counterbalance, fostering a climate of heightened awareness and scrutiny. Through their investigative journalism and incisive questioning, IPC delegates simulate the complex dynamics of global media and its profound impact on international affairs. They underscore the importance of transparency and accountability, compelling delegates to navigate diplomatic challenges with a heightened awareness of their implications beyond the conference room. Ultimately, the IPC transcends its role as a mere conduit of information; it becomes a catalyst for deeper engagement. Delegates are expected to embody the essence of real-world journalism within the microcosm of MUN, enriching their experience with critical analysis and thoughtful reflection.



Arav Khanal

Studying a variety of subject choices, Arav is currently in the second year of the IBDP Curriculum with interests in interdisciplinary sciences and philosophy, hoping to work towards the development of social systems and human-machine symbiosis in the future. Deeply involved in the arts, he expresses his creativity through music and writing. Such endeavours find him entrenched as a Senior Editor in The Doon School Weekly, the School’s premier student magazine, as well as the School Popular Band Leader. Yet, his over-aspirant side-quest to be a polymath leads him wandering all over Chandbagh as both a school Prefect and the Secretary of School’s Co-Curricular Council, on top of being a prominent member of the School’s Basketball and Athletics teams. Constantly trying to uphold an eclectic and open minded personality, he is on a mission to make IPC at this year’s DSMUN an astounding success.


Committee Director

Vedant Agarwal

Vedant, a current 12th-grade student following the ISC curriculum, is a multifaceted individual with diverse interests. He actively participates in Model United Nations conferences, showcasing his keen intellect and insightful nature. His passion for MUNs stems from his curiosity and astuteness. Alongside this, Vedant harbours a profound fascination for the financial realm, staying abreast of stock market trends and global economic conditions. With aspirations of delving into entrepreneurship to address global challenges, he seeks to offer practical solutions. Within his school community, Vedant assumes significant roles. He serves as a senior editor and Chief-of-Design for the School’s forefront psychology publication contributing extensively to its content. Vedant is also an avid actor, who has participated in multiple play casts in the past. One would often find him practising his strokes in the Squash courts or dribbling a ball on the hockey fields Notably, Vedant has represented his school at various MUNs, including TISBMUN and EHMUN, garnering numerous accolades. Beyond academics and extracurriculars, he dedicates his time to community service initiatives like teaching underprivileged children and organising medical drives, that contribute to the betterment of the society.

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