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UNITED NATIONS Special Political and
Decolonization Committee

Agenda: Discussing the imposition of the National Security Law on Hong Kong

Welcome to The United Nations General Assembly’s Fourth Committee, Special Political and Decolonisation for DSMUN ‘22. Despite the challenges of an online MUN, we aim to provide a great experience which involves learning, problem solving and connecting with people of common interests from all over the country. The Executive Board for this Committee includes Vinamra Agarwal- your Chairperson, along with Siddhant Srivastava and Rishit Talwar, the ever-overworked Deputy Chairpersons. At SPECPOL, you will have the opportunity to discuss important issues around colonisation and ethics. The topic delves into territorial disputes that have had a major impact on over 7 million people in the last 3 years. Complex economics and histories are associated with the controversies and it will be a herculean task to solve the problem. Therefore, it is vital for us to discuss the regulation and supervision to ensure the protection of human rights and human lives. I look forward to seeing you working with each other and tackling the challenges. I am always proud of the diversity of the community at DSMUN, and I expect you to take advantage of that inclusiveness to combine all approaches to the problems from different perspectives and backgrounds to find the optimal solutions.


Vinamra Agarwal

Hey guys, I'm Vinamra and I'll be your chairperson for this DSMUN. I am currently a 12th-grade student pursuing the IBDP Curriculum with Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science at Higher Level. I am a part of the school's swimming team and am the boy-in-charge of RLSS, cycling, and the IT Society. I wish to pursue an interdisciplinary course combining business, computer science and engineering and am particularly interested in industrial engineering and data science. I take keen interest in the stock market and all sports. I hope you have a fruitful MUN experience with me.

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