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United Nations Office of drugs and crime

Agenda : Exploring ways to reduce illicit drug production and supporting sustainable development in drug-affected areas

The UNODC is in charge of organizing and assisting global initiatives to combat the manufacturing, trafficking, and consumption of illegal drugs. The global drug problem still has a significant effect on social and economic growth, security, and health worldwide. Drug manufacturing and trafficking are frequently concentrated in regions with high rates of poverty and underdevelopment, which poses difficult problems for combating the drug

problem and advancing sustainable development. Drug production has increased substantially throughout the world but more so in particular areas. The dominance, impunity, and brutality of criminal organizations across the world have been fostered by the demand for illicit substances both within the United States and overseas. This committee's proposals for lowering illegal drug production while promoting sustainable development in drug-affected areas are likely to be the final output. The tactics for advancing alternative livelihoods, enhancing international collaboration, assisting initiatives for sustainable development, and tackling the core causes of the drug issue in drug-affected communities might all be part of these proposals. By addressing these concerns and advocating for peace and sustainable well-being as deterrents to them, we are dedicated to attaining health, security, and justice for all. The complexity of these issues makes it frequently impossible for governments to address them on their own, hence UNODC provides helpful support and promotes transnational ways to action.

My name is Aarav Prakash, and it gives me great pleasure to say that I will be serving as the Chairperson of the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime in DSMUN 2023. I am a 12th grader at The Doon School from Ambala India, pursuing engineering under the IB curriculum along with a keen interest in economics. I was introduced to MUN in the Harvard MUN and since then I have participated in multiple conferences and served as a deputy chairperson in DSMUN 2022. Aside from the Model United Nations, I am extremely passionate about sports and also hold the position of the school badminton captain. I am also a part of the school hockey team and I have represented the school at various competitions. Being the school orchestra leader, I am actively engaged in music as a member of the school band as well. As the chairperson, I hope to create an engaging conference and ensure that all delegates have a memorable time.

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Committee Director

Vir Patwalia

My name is Vir Patwalia and I am a student in the 12th grade of the Doon School. I am currently pursuing a career in law given my interest in international relations and diplomacy. I spend an ample ,if not all of my time on the sports field, being on the school team for Basketball and Swimming. My other interests lie in public speaking and debating, having participated in multiple events throughout my school tenure. I look forward to serving as the committee director of the UNODC and having a fruitful conference.

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