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Rise of Coup d'etats and Private Military and Security Companies (PMSCs) 

One of the six principal organs of the UN Charter, the UNSC is designed for the overall responsibility of ensuring and maintaining international peace and security. It is within this context that the agenda "Addressing the Escalation of Coup d'états around the World by Militant Groups with Special Emphasis on Mercenarism" has assumed paramount importance. Over the past several years, the international community has witnessed an alarming rise in the scale of coup attempts, primarily taking place in the regions of West Africa and the Sahel. Apart from corrupting the system of democratic governance, these unconstitutional actions of seizing power risk inciting the wave of armed regional conflicts and pose a significant threat to the state of external diplomacy. Delegates must strive to fairly address such a multifaceted issue. The Executive Board hopes that the committee will see debate that is comprehensive and see equitable solutions by the end of the conference. As the custodians of world order, the Security Council must carefully examine this historical backdrop and the evolving dynamics that have enabled militant groups to increasingly target the foundations of legitimate governance.


Vivaan Sood

Vivaan Sood is a 17-year-old student pursuing the IB curriculum with a keen interest in History, Law, and International Relations. He has a deep knowledge of global events which he uses to fuel his passion for MUNing, in which he has extensive experience, having served as both a delegate and as part of the Executive Board. He serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the flagship publication of the school, The Doon School Weekly. His leadership roles include the Secretary of the School Council, because of which he understands the importance of discourse and deliberation, key skills in any MUN. He has an affinity for debating, through which he has gained the skills of public speaking and critical analysis of pertinent world issues. As the School Popular Band Leader, his interest in music has helped him foster creativity and discipline. An avid reader, his proficiency in general knowledge makes him the ideal DSMUN chair. He is truly proud to serve as the chair of the United Nations Security Council.

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